It's the cryptocurrency of TON blockchain platform built-in into Telegram messenger. With Gram, you can make money transfers and purchases within Telegram Open Network. Currently, Gram is the fastest cryptocurrency in the world. Allowing to transfer cryptocurrency between wallets in seconds and with minimal commissions.

What is Gram

Gram is cryptocurrency of Telegram Open Network blockchain platform, which was created by Telegram Messenger team that Pavel Durov leads.

The main problem of cryptocurrencies of first generations is a very low speed of transaction’s realization, for example, in case of Bitcoin that are just 7 transactions per second for all the network (it means, all users).
Gram, in its turn, supports millions of transactions per second. That is its the main and indisputable advantage. Telegram Messenger’s tokens compete not only with the most popular cryptocurrencies, but also with the two most popular payment systems in the world: Visa and Mastercard.

Moreover, Gram became the first «real» cryptocurrency. At this moment, the two most popular world cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are used mainly as a method of high risky investment and not as a method of payment, for two reasons:

  1. Low transactions speed and, as result, high commissions for cryptocurrency transfers in the network.
  2. The inability to pay with cryptocurrency anywhere for real goods.

Gram solves both of this problems. We have already mentioned the phenomenal cryptocurrency’s speed of Pavel Durov (and consequently, low transfer commissions). Moreover, Gram can be used to purchase different goods. The Telegram Messenger’s audience has become an excellent tool for the development of the goods and services market the messenger, where Gram was widely used as a method of mutual settlements. With it the real sellers and purchasers demand for this cryptocurrency protects it from unpredictable rate jumps, which are peculiar to cryptocurrencies of past generations that do not participate in real economy.

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Where and how to buy Gram?

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You can gain in TON platform:

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